Top 5 Movies of 2019

My Favorite Movies of 2019 The past few years have started with the same feeling; that the upcoming year of film is not looking up to the year previous. 2019 started out this very way, but by the end of it I now realize how many incredible films were released in just the past 12 months. These are a few of my favorite films from 2019.

  1. Parasite

    The rolling word of mouth made this movie hard to miss. It felt like every other day one of my friends or someone I follow on Twitter had good things to say about this movie. I finally had to see it, and I went in not knowing a thing about the movie. My favorite aspect of the film is that the first half is a heist comedy, and somewhere in the middle Parasite becomes a thriller, and the change is pulled off masterfully.

  2. Knives Out

    There are so few great mystery films as of late. The last one I can think of enjoying is Game Night (2018). The genius of Knives Out is that Rian Johnson shows us the murder, and yet there is much to still uncover. I am so pleased that a Knives Out sequel is being made and hopefully this new franchise can spark a resurgence of the murder mystery movie.

  3. Booksmart

    Booksmart surprised me because it was so relatable with its characters and more than just a “female Superbad.” There is a fair share out laugh-out-loud moments, but also a lot of emotional scenes between the two leads that got me choked up. What I really want out of a movie is a mixture of emotions. If a movie can get me to laugh, and then cry in the next scene, it’s a winner to me.

  4. 1917

    1917 is a movie I was not interested in, and thoroughly blew me away. I wasn’t too interested in the film from the trailer, until my friend invited me to see it with them. Movies such as Bird Man get a lot of praise for their long-take scenes; 1917 takes it to another level with having the entire film appear as a single take. It provides an intimacy with the protagonists because you never leave their side for a second. The score really stood out and elevated every scene; a part of the movie that I don’t consciously notice until a second viewing.

  5. Toy Story 4

    Pixar has a specialty at making family-friendly animated movies. They take on big ideas that related more-often to adults, but their films are still widely enjoyed by the youngest of audiences. Toy Story 4 addresses the question “What is our purpose?” Something that I related toward more and more every day.

Honorable Mentions: